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Neck Pain

Neck pain

Neck Pain Relief at Optimal Health

Are you searching for a non-invasive, medication-free solution to your neck pain? Routine care from a physical medicine specialist is often the best treatment for alleviating chronic or acute neck pain.

Why do so many patients experience neck pain? The body’s cervical spine is expected to support the head, which on average is 12 pounds! Simple biomechanics—the heaviness of the head vs. the vulnerability of the spine—is often the cause of neck problems. The most common reasons for neck pain include:

The physical medicine experts at Optimal Health understand the complexity of the spine and how it functions with the body’s mechanics, giving our specialists the opportunity to treat neck pain with natural, non-invasive methods.

There are ways to safely and effectively treat your neck pain. To schedule your FREE consultation with our Neck Pain specialist, please call our offices today at 1-865-690-1455! We look forward to hearing from you!

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