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Allergy Testing & Management
Seasonal and Food Allergy / Hypersensitivity Testing
Seasonal allergies affect millions of people, yet can be easily tested for and treated. In house scratch testing takes 20 minutes, and immunotherapy can provide relief that lasts for decades for most individuals. Even more common and often undiagnosed are food hypersensitivities. Affecting over 95% of the population, food hypersensitivity is the leading cause of IBS symptoms (bloating, gas, constipation, etc.) and often can cause headaches, weight gain, and inflammation throughout the body. A simple blood test can determine what foods need to be removed from the diet to eradicate symptoms.
Allergy Scratch Testing
Seasonal allergies are widespread throughout the United States with East Tennessee being the worst in the country. Millions of people needlessly suffer at some point throughout the year with itchy, watery eyes, headaches, runny nose, etc. A simple 20 minute test can be used to determine what grasses, trees, molds or other allergens are causing symptoms. Then, immunotherapy injections are prescribed if needed. The benefit of doing allergy shots in this setting is less wasted time for the patient, as they are able to eliminate a separate trip to an allergy clinic. Also, most patients experience 25 years or more of relief after undergoing immunotherapy.
Food Sensitivity and Food Allergy Testing
In addition to environmental allergy testing, we also have the ability to evaluate how foods affect each patient. IgE and IgG evaluation of blood serum can reveal food allergies, food sensitivities, gluten intolerance or allergy, and determine the level of immune flora health in the lower GI tract. All these things can lead to chronic inflammation that produces numerous symptoms in the body, and leave the patient in a far less than optimal state of health. Our experienced staff will interpret your lab results for you and suggest diet modification. Patients watch things like irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, congestion, and other by products of elevated immune response to foods, disappear after diet modification is implemented. It is important that every patient get tested so they can play a part in reclaiming their health while under our care.
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